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From the 501st to the Elite Squad of the Bad Batch and so much more
Here at Galactic Customs we love to provide ways for you to create your dream Custom Mini-fig collection, at a price that works for you. We'd also love to provide you with Separatists, Imperial, rebel and even Mandalorian customs to help you build the perfect collection.
From Stormtroopers to Commandos, we've got it all.
Please read and review our About Us and FAQ page before making any purchases.

Also, please keep in mind that the big base plate in some of the product images are for display only and are not included.

I would also like to mention that the website will be undergoing several major changes in the next few months including a change in product and website structure. there will be no more battle packs with ten mini-figs, just with four figures. Also there will be a lot more single mini-figures including many new ones. Many existing products will either no longer exist, or will be changed into new products. That said, please be mindful and purchase anything you wish to get now for it will not be available much longer.

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Luke Skywalker Vs Dark Troopers-Click Here To Purchase

Only 100 are going to be made!

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Use the links below to visit our collection of products.

Republic Customs

These products are all dedicated to the Grand Army of the Republic(GAR). The Republic revealed its secret weapon on Geonosis, the Clone Army. These soldiers were bred for combat and were highly effective against the Separatist Droid armies.

Separatist Customs

The Separatist Alliance, or the Confederacy of Independent Systems was the financial backer of the droid army. Use this link to visit a page full of products and army builders.

Imperial Customs 

Use these products to make your military might known throughout the galaxy! Put down rebellions and conquer enemies, these army builders will help you with just that. Just maybe remember to leave the battle stations manned on the Death Star.

Rebellion Customs

Resist the forces of evil with freedom fighters fresh off the line! Utilize hardcore gorilla warfare and sabotage operations. 

Mandalorian Customs

The name Mandalorian was once feared across the galaxy. But now that the Mandalorian clans have scattered its up to you to reunite them. Claim the Darksaber and rule the galaxy once more!

Mega Battle Packs

These products are large battle packs with opposing forces. Build an army with one purchase!

Featured Products

Baby Yoda Christmas Variant

Look how adorable this little guy is, perfect for stocking stuffers and little gifts.

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The Mandalorian Season 1 Assorted Minifigures

This set is is the Mandalorian Season 1 in a nutshell, with characters ranging from The Armorer to the Child.

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Swat Team 12 Minifigure set Massive accessory lot

This set is one of the most unique sets that we have to offer, the picture shows which accessories come with each figure.

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The Bad Batch Squad Pack (Echo exclusive)

The Bad Batch, or more formally known as Clone Force 99 is an elite commando squad that served with the Special Operations Brigade within Grand army of the Republic until they defected from the Republic shortly after it became the Galactic Empire.

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Meet Aiwha Squad

These Commandos are some of the most loyal troopers you can find anywhere. This squad was part of the Special Operation Brigade within the Grand Army of the Republic. Want to add these sweet mini-figs to your collection? Just purchase the Three Squad Commando pack and receive not only these four Commandos, but also the clones of Delta Squad and Omega Squad!

Click here to purchase - Three Squad Commando Pack