Three Squad Commando Pack

 There are twelve commandos included in this set, among them Boss, Sev, Scorch, and Fixer of Delta squad. Darmen, Fi plain, Niner, and Atin of Omega squad. Gregor, Zag, Tyto, and Di Kut of Aiwha squad. 

Delta squad had notable missions on Geonosis, Kashyyyk, and scouting the sieged outpost on Deveron.
Aiwha squad most notable and final mission as a complete squad was on Sarrish, were Gregor was the only known survivor of the squad.
As for Omega squad, they were brought together after the members of all their respective squads were killed during the first battle of Geonosis. 

This set also includes 12 removable armor pieces, 12 removable belt armor pieces, and 12 assorted backpacks, as well as their assorted weapons and macros.
This product is made of ABS plastic.