Mandalorian Customs

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mandalorian Death Watch Battle Pack(OUT OF STOCK)

The Death Watch was a Mandalorian extremist group during the Clone Wars that joined forces with the Mandalorian Night Owls in their goal to capture Mandalore. But when Maul killed their leader Pre Vizsla, the majority of the Death Watch joined Maul and the Shadow Collective. 

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Mandalorian Shadow Collective Battle Pack

The Mandalorian Shadow Collective was part of Renegade Sith Lord Mauls army that he used to occupy Mandalore. The Mandalorians that stayed to fight confronted Ahsoka Tano and the 332nd Company on Mandalore.

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Mandalorian Night Owls Battle Pack

The Mandalorian Night Owls were another faction of Mandalorians that joined forces with the Death Watch to capture Mandalore. However, after Maul killed Pre Vizsla, the Night Owls and some members of Death Watch rebelled and formed the Mandalorian resistance. 

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Mandalorian Heavy Battle Pack

These are some of the toughest Mandalorians there are. Equipped with heavy repeater blaster and thick Beskar armor, they're a force to be reckoned with.

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