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These products are a bit more for the enthusiastic collectors.
Three Squad Commando Pack

There are twelve commandos included in this set, among them Boss, Sev, Scorch, and Fixer of Delta squad. Darmen, Fi plain, Niner, and Atin of Omega squad. Gregor, Zag, Tyto, and Di Kut of Aiwha squad. These troopers will make fine addition to your collection with a variety of unique weaponry.

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Custom Minifigure Display Case Five Pack

Need a place safe to "hide" your rare minifigures? We have just the thing for you! These will make the perfect addition to your collection!

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Buzz Droid Battle Pack

These guys pack more than a punch, use these little buggers to tear your enemies ships apart! These compact droids can be disassembled and stored as small balls for transport.

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Heavily Armored Clone Trooper Pack

In this set you will receive 7 of the most detailed minifigures we have to offer. These troopers will add a little extra spice to your collection. Equipped with thick armor and heavy blaster these clones will blast a way through the droid forces making way for the rest of your troops.

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Dark Trooper Battle Pack

These are third generation dark troopers and are droids, not clones in a suit. They were highly efficient soldiers but as shown in The Mandalorian, a fully trained Jedi can cut them down like the old B-1 Separatist Battle droids from the Clone Wars. These troops will eliminate all of your rebellion nuisances, and quickly.

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Mandalorian Heavy Battle Pack

These are some of the toughest Mandalorians there are. Equipped with heavy repeater blaster and thick Beskar armor, they're a force to be reckoned with. These battle hardened warrior are known to drop down from the sky and open fire. while originally seen in the Mandalorian, these variants have a different color scheme.

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