Umbara Campaign Tribute Video - Star Wars, The Clone Wars Supercut

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What is the Battle of Umbara?

The battle of Umbara was a pivotal moment in the Clone Wars were the Galactic Republic moved against the Confederation of Independent Systems in an effort to free up hyperspace lanes to transport troops and weapons. 

Why I wanted to create a tribute video

There are many tribute videos out there, but not many of them express the struggle or success of the characters. I created this tribute to have the song and the video be interconnected, so the high of the music, is the high of the video. 

Who were involved in the battle and what characters do we see?

At least four clone battalions were deployed on the planet's surface to engage the local militia. The Umbarans utilized technology that rivaled anything in the Republic, including their MHC (Mobile Heavy Canons) and their powerful starfighters. The story ARC also showcased Hardcase(KIA) Jesse, Kix, Rex, Appo, Fives, Anakin, Obi-Wan, Pong Krell(KIA) Ringo(KIA) Tup, Oz(Kia) Waxer(KIA) Dogma, and Cody.